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Most of my animated work used to be with flash, however after dabbleing with 3ds max during my last few months of college and, after a few months at a 3d computer game company, I now do a lot of 3D stuff. Have now started working with Blender and Sculptris as well.
If you have an animation requirement, you can reach me at

THUNK and viral video and illustrations

The work i did on this project was to design a mask for the protagonist of the Video Ad.. as well as some animation for the Ad. The mask was designed on an android tablet(acer iconia a500), while the animation was done on a PC using Adobe Flash. It was composited onto the video by my partner Aarthi Parthasarathy.

The Project started when the client required a series of illustrations that would go on their products(bags) as well as on the packaging, website and any other communication materials. The goal i set myself was to do a really detailed illustration that talks about the process behind the product.

thunk project image

Most of the illustrations(90%) were done on an android tablet using Adobe Ideas. The remaining was done using another vector app called Infinite Design.

These illustrations can be seen here.


How are we affecting polar bears?

Earthwave's Thumbi talks about Polar Bears, and how we are affecting their survival. I did the animation for the eyes and the info/animation in the background.. on flash. It was composited onto the video by Aarthi Parthasarathy.

Earthwave and Thumbi are the property of Flip Design Pvt. Ltd.


How to Save Water

A short video on how to save water around the house or office.
Animated by me. composited onto the video by Aarthi Parthasarathy.

Earthwave and Thumbi are the property of Flip Design Pvt. Ltd.


how much water is consumed in a shower?

This video was sort of an instructional video.. on how to measure the amount of water wasteage that occurs in a household.

Animated by me. composited onto the video by Aarthi Parthasarathy.

Earthwave and Thumbi are the property of Flip Design Pvt. Ltd.

    Random Experiment
thumbnail of video

modelled and textured in sculptris.. this is also the first model i have successfully transferred to 3ds max and animated. to transfer i reduced the poly count using the free app Meshlab.

After that it was just a matter of exporting the texture map, bump map etc from sculptris and using in max. have to now try this with blender.

Theres a quick tutorial on how i got the model and textures to 3ds max at my blog- click here


Internet Building Society

3d animation short composited in flash.

This project was done at Flip Design

It was meant to be online as long as the site was under construction.. at first only a few seconds would be seen.. then as work on the website progressed, more of the animation was revealed..

I executed the animation, concept and character design scenario ideation and planning was done by the Flip team of Arvind Prabhakar, and Abhay Toshniwal.



Arrow Miracle Series - Three 2d flash animation shorts for the website.

This project was done at Flip Design

A website we designed for Arrow's Miracle Series line of clothing. the website included 3 animated scenarios that showcased the product's various features

The website was for promotional purpose (for the launch of the product) and is no longer online.

I executed the animation. the concept and character design was done by the Flip team of Arvind Prabhakar, Amrita Soans, Abhay Toshniwal and Vinil Rathnakaran.



A friend of mine @aarthipartha was working on a video project and needed some animation done for it. 
She did all the of the shooting and editing. I worked on the animations(including logo animations) in flash and blender(some very basic previz).

Basically the client was a Builder who wanted to showcase various experiences that his clients have had before they bought one of his properties. So we decided to do a series of interviews.. and then use animation to illustrate the narratives.

we decided to go with some elegant silhouettes and simple forms on a grungy background  that illustrate the experiences that the interviewees are narrating


Verticopter II

A promotional video for the new Verticopter platform (Verticopter-II) in its 3-4 seater medical evacuation implementation, animation and modelling was completed with Blender. This was a new experience for me as i had to also design the look of the aircraft. This was also the longest animated clip i had done using blender.

The Verticopter brand is the property of Oliver Garrow and Garrow Aviation.


Demo Reel of FL!P Design's work. All the animation and video editing was done by myself.

Concept and planning was done by the Flip team of Arvind Prabhakar, Nappina Sampath and Abhay Toshniwal


These are the rest my videos, some are turntable renders, animation tests..etc.

While others are tutorials and "how-to" videos.

  Animation Work in Games (2006 onwards)    
zobee saves christmas   Zobee Saves Christmas
(I & II )

Flash Games Developed at Flip design by Arvind Prabhakar, Bala Murugan and the rest of the Flip team. I did the animation for this series(I & II ).
really old stuff-
3D (3D Studio Max)        

my first character animation. First time I used Inverse Kinetics Constraints for the joints.

  skullbots Skull-bot short experiment on 3dmax  
  Independant Shorts (Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects) that i work on with friends every once in a while.  
  also see the following full length short films done in colaboration with Arvind Prabhakar, Gaurabh Mathurey, Chaitanya Krishnan, Vaibhav Bhawsar and John Francis Basteen     360°video workshop with Michael Saup at the Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore.  
  old door the old door
stop motion with human actors: arvind prabhakar, john francis basteen and myself.
  attack attack of the helmet

stop motion with a human actor(Gob) and various props.
  # detour
this short was put together by Ekta Manchanda, Seema Seth, Arun Rajendran, Arvind Prabhakar, Vaibhav Bhawsar, Gaurabh Mathure and myself.
Innovation delivered Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.